Religious Harmony

​Sisters educate and encourage people to understand others' differences as a way to learn and grow. They embed themselves in communities that have difficulty maintaining peace due to their beliefs. Sisters educate children and give them skills to prevent them from going into a life of violence.

From the Ashes- St Joseph School

A school that serves children of all castes, religions, and colors, creating harmony where there once was violence.

Raised Percent: 8%
  • $12,800 Funding Goal
  • $1,080 Fund Raised

Nurses for South Sudan

Four scholarships for women will increase the number of women trained to be nurses and registered midwives.

Raised Percent: 0%
  • $26,000 Funding Goal
  • $25 Fund Raised

Gender Equality, Bangladesh

Together we can build a school where gender equality and quality education provide opportunity in Bangladesh

Raised Percent: 17%
  • $6,000 Funding Goal
  • $1,001 Fund Raised
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