Education is key factor in one’s ability to be self-sufficient. Whether a person needs to learn new skills, a new language or how to support themselves due to a tragedy, Sisters invest in them giving them opportunity they did not think was possible. Education gives these people hope for a better life.

From the Ashes- St Joseph School

A school that serves children of all castes, religions, and colors, creating harmony where there once was violence.

Raised Percent: 15%
  • $12,800 Funding Goal
  • $1,870 Fund Raised

Nurses for South Sudan

Four scholarships for women will increase the number of women trained to be nurses and registered midwives.

Raised Percent: 0%
  • $26,000 Funding Goal
  • $25 Fund Raised

Gender Equality, Bangladesh

Together we can build a school where gender equality and quality education provide opportunity in Bangladesh

Raised Percent: 17%
  • $6,000 Funding Goal
  • $1,001 Fund Raised

Faith and Joy, Tacna, Peru

Provide psychological support for students struggling at a school in the slums of Peru.

Raised Percent: 100%
  • $10,000 Funding Goal
  • $10,000 Fund Raised

Eradicate Child Labor, Assam, India

Three ways to prevent human trafficking in a rural area, a residential school, coaching center, and Women's Association.

Raised Percent: 100%
  • $23,867 Funding Goal
  • $23,867 Fund Raised
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