Sisters stopped 1,600 rural young women from being trafficked by training them in trades like tailoring, dairy farming, phenyl and soap making, preparation of masala power and they are now gainfully employed.


Sisters empowered 500 women in Barrack Valley, Asam, India by engaging them in micro-enterprises giving them the ability to be entrepreneurs striving for self-sustainability.


The gang-infested city of Apopa in El Salvador is being transformed into a city of hope. Partnering with the  Alight (formerly the American Refugee Committee), the Sisters have built successful Youth and Family centers. The centers provide a sanctuary for all struggling under the constant threat of gangs. They are places of hope, and joy, where people can imagine and start to build a safe and fulling future for themselves, their families and their country.


“The teacher’s dedication to me; they were like mothers. Interested in our lives outside of school. There was so much laughter and conversation. Lots of friends that are still friends.”


“I used to walk 50 feet to the mailbox and back slower than a 90-year-old man and collapsed on the couch pretty much for the rest of the day. That’s where I was eight months ago. Now, I’m running again. I was in such a dark place; but St. Mary’s Health Clinics pulled me through the darkness, and I’m back. And my kids still have their dad.”


600 girls have been in one school:
Sr. Anitha Yandava shared, “100 to 120 young women and girls benefit each year. They specialize in 5 areas of learning leading to a Diploma in Health Assistants (DHA), Diploma in Desk Top Publishing (DDTP, Diploma in Fashion Designing and Garment Making (DFGM), Diploma in Early Childhood Education (DECE), Diploma in Tally Accounting (DTA), Diploma in Home Nursing and House Keeping (DHNHK)”


At the end of a year of preparations, 80% of participants have passed the 10th class metric exams and then either attend college or have developed the capacity to run a small business.
“Basic education can transform the lives of girls and women, providing them with a greater appreciation of their own potential and rights as well as expanded employment opportunities. Our experience is an educated woman is capable of making decisions, voicing opinions, and holding good posts in Governments.” Sr Sherly Thomas


Trained 800 women giving them the skills to be self-sufficient and the strength for their kids
“For the coming two years we wish to motivate the abandoned and battered women and the economically backward women to be self-sufficient and to bring them up as women of hope for their family. Our aim is to encourage women to get a loan from the bank to do their small business in selling goods so that basic needs are met by the income they get.” Sr Celine Mary
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