Sisters Rising asks for your help to build this visible, trusted, global movement so all may flourish.

You can help.

One great strength of Sisters is their networks. The stronger these networks are the more they are able to help women and children. Networks are forming across the eastern and western hemispheres. But, resources are needed to strengthen and broaden their reach. You can help. Add your resources–treasure, time or talent–with this most astounding global leadership. Together we can help women and children to flourish.

Hear our call to rise to the challenges facing women, and girls. Join your voice with ours. Help us grow our networks.

Here’s How You Can Help Sisters Rise.

  • Donate money with a simple click. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Volunteer. Join us in service. Share your contact information and where you would like to help.
  • Consider a gift from your estate or gift in-kind resources. Please contact us.

Board of Directors

Sister Irene O’Neill, CSJ

Sister Irene’s passionate and creative efforts for improving lives have led her to schools, boardrooms and foundations, always with the intention of connecting issues with solutions, and people to people.  Irene is a visionary who sees the collective of women religious around the world as a systemic change agent and as one of the most prolific movement of and for women in history. 

Sister Patricia Johnson, CSJ

Sister Patty is a force of energy who crisscrosses the earth assisting the global Sisterhood of St. Joseph in pursuit of their mission.  She thrives in board rooms as well as with Sisters on the streets.  Sister Patty wants people to know that struggling communities can flourish when Sisters have the resources to apply to immediate and systemic needs. 

Sister Judy Molosky, CSJ

Sister Judy is a social justice leader who puts herself on the front lines of issues that profoundly impact life and freedom for all.  Her quick understanding of complex issues, her energy and deep response demonstrate the change we all need to see in the world.  When Sister Judy is on the move for social justice, we want to be at her side. 

Sister Patricia Murray, IBVM

Sister Pat’s vibrant energy, courage and administration skills are steeped in wisdom forged by vast global leadership experiences.  Sister Pat recognizes the privilege to be at crossroads within reach of those who are marginalized and voiceless.  She challenges us by example to help communities flourish.

Sister Ann Oestreich, IHM

Sister Ann is the go-to person for passion and action on many social issues, with a special focus on eradicating all forms of human trafficking. Her expertise guides National and International Executive committees and boards.  Sister Ann calls out to people everywhere to come and see just what it is Sisters across the world are up to and welcomes all to the Sisters’ mission of serving so that all may flourish.

Sister Angela Reed,

Sister Angela is an international justice advocate whose primary passion is to enable women and girls to flourish. She enjoys innovative projects that encourages critical thinking and moves people to action. Her expertise on human trafficking has led her to frame the issue from a life course perspective, recognizing violent and oppressive systems that marginalize a person from birth. She is passionate about, and committed to ensuring that the voice of survivors is core to any trafficking prevention approach.