Sisters Rising Worldwide
so all may flourish


Sisters Rising Worldwide envisions a world where women and children flourish so ALL may flourish.


Sisters Rising Worldwide (SRW) aims to support Sisters and their networks by identifying resources that meet current needs or tackle root causes underlying the most critical problems faced by women and children.

SRW is a new 501c3 qualified, Sister-led, charitable organization dedicated to this mission.

Our founding office is in St. Paul, Minnesota. Our soul/sole purpose is support for Sisters who help women, children, and communities flourish. 

Sisters are trusted eye-witnesses, skilled change agents, champions against disease and violence, peacemakers and reconcilers, teachers, community organizers, care givers, knowledge workers, spiritual resources and one of the most prolific movements of and for women in history. For over a millennium, women religious – Sisters – working across every religious divide, have committed their lives to respond to the needs of humanity.

Our presence throughout the world, our integrity, our capacity to lead and serve, our fearlessness, our devotion to improve the lives of people, and our effectiveness can be magnified if we can secure the resources to unify and focus our work.

Sisters Rising Worldwide seeks to develop effective partnerships and networks between donors and Sisters.

Girls in classroom smiling
Girl posing for a photo in their school uniforms
Girls sitting and listening to teacher
woman sewing

Direct your donations, grants and goodwill to build this dedicated organization. Sisters Rising Worldwide will:

  • Support Sisters and their networks through supportive technology and innovative resources.
  • Help resource Sisters’ work toward accomplishing United Nations Strategic Development Goal #5: Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls.
  • Create a communications center and mapping portal to manage projects.

Join the movement!

Stand up and be counted with us.  Respond vigorously!  Invite a friend to join, too.  Sign up through Sisters Rising Worldwide and give of your time, treasure, talent.  Let the flourishing begin!